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Oracle Linux Certification

Top Oracle Linux Certification Training Institute in Coimbatore.

Oracle Linux Certification announces the release of the new Oracle Linux 6 certification paths. These new Oracle Linux Certification credentials will give you a solid foundation of knowledge to implement and administer the Oracle Linux Operating System. Oracle Certification is also announcing the retirement of the existing Oracle Linux certifications

Syllabus for the Course:

Topic 1: Installing Oracle Linux

Topic 2: PC Hardware & Linux

Topic 3: Post-Install System Configuration

Topic 4: Boot Process & SysV Init

Topic 5: User/Group Administration and NFS

Topic 6: Filesystem Administration

Topic 7: LVM & Raid

Topic 8: Task Automation & Process Accounting

Topic 9: Client Networking

Topic 10: The X window System

Topic 11: Security Concepts

Topic 12: Linux Kernel Compilation

Topic 13: Troubleshooting