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GCUX - GIAC Certified Unix Security Administrator

Top Linux GCUX -GIAC UNIX Security Administrator Institute in Coimbatore.

NUX software solutions is a Top GCUX -GIAC UNIX Security Administrator Training & Certification Institute in Coimbatore. We provide the essential ideas and foundation needed to step up on the road to a successful career as Redhat Linux Administrator. We have excellent coaching standards with a curriculum that is updated frequently to catch up with the latest technological advancement of 2020.

The GIAC Certified Unix System Administrator (GCUX) certification validates a practitioner's knowledge of hardening Linux/Unix systems, Linux application security, and Linux/Unix digital forensics. GCUX certification holders have the knowledge, skills and abilities to secure and audit UNIX and Linux systems, and are able to use multiple tools to handle security issues, including SSH, AIDE, sudo, lsof, and many others.

Syllabus for GCUX - GIAC Certified Unix Security Administrator Course:

Areas Covered

Hardening Linux/Unix systems

Linux application security

Digital forensics for Linux/Unix

Who is GCUX for?

Individuals responsible for installing, configuring, and monitoring UNIX and/or Linux systems

Security professionals

Security administrators


Incident responders

Information security analysts