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Linux+ CompTIA

Top Linux+ CompTIA Red Hat Certified System Administrator Institute in Coimbatore.

Red Hat Certified System Administrator is an entry-level certification which is aimed at achieving competencies in system administration which includes installation and configuration of a Red Hat Enterprise Linux system. This Linux Certification is the foundation for all system administration across all Red [email protected] Products and is essential to become a Red Hat Certified Engineer.

NUX software solutions is a Top Redhat Linux Training & Certification Institute in Coimbatore. We provide the essential ideas and foundation needed to step up on the road to a successful career as Redhat Linux Administrator. We have excellent coaching standards with curriculum that is updated frequently to catch up with the latest technological advancement of 2020.

Linux + CompTIA certification is the first step towards becoming a junior level Linux Systems Administrator. With enough experience and growth of your Linux skills, candidates can look forward to securing higher job roles such as Information Systems Engineer, Linux support systems engineer, senior systems administrator, Linux systems engineer and various other roles.

Students are provided with top class lab facilities with 24/7 real time servers which allow them to gain access to the Linux course materials and any of our experienced tutors are always available for them at their convenience. We provide real time Linux projects with free training and online materials that equip students to appear for Linux Exams online and acquire skills similar to the ones learnt on the job. After training, we either absorb the candidates for our in-house IT projects with our various clients according to the demand at that time or we guide the candidates to other MNC's, with the guarantee of 100 % job placement.

Syllabus for Linux+ CompTIA Course:

Exercise 1.1 Editing Commands

Exercise 2.1 Managing Packages Using RPM

Exercise 2.2 Managing Debian Packages

Exercise 3.1 Creating Filesystems

Exercise 4.1 Modifying Ownership and Permissions

Exercise 4.2 Locating Files

Exercise 5.1 Changing Runlevels

Exercise 6.1 Changing the X Resolution and Color Depth

Exercise 7.1 Creating User Accounts

Exercise 7.2 Creating User cron Jobs

Exercise 8.1 Configuring a Network Connection

Exercise 9.1 Changing Your bash Prompt

Exercise 9.2 Creating a Simple Script

Exercise 9.3 Creating a SQL Database

Exercise 10.1 Monitor Network Port Use