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CSX Cybersecurity Practitioner Certification (CSX-P) Training and Certification

Best CSX Cybersecurity Practitioner Certification (CSX-P) certified training courses classes delivered by Nux software solutions in coimbatore.

Nux software solutions in coimbatore has excellent and advanced training programs that will give you better performance & hands on experience. Our industry's expert trainers offer a wide range of skills and experience in their graded areas. The Training center environment is too good for professional, individual, corporate, live project training and industrial training. Labs infrastructure is advanced, well managed and you can access LAB 24X7 from anywhere. Training center has international expert trainers and they have excellent knowledge, real time industry experience. Our Training programs combine with several innovative learning methods and delivery models. We understand your requirement and it will give you 100 percent growth for your career and provide the cost effective training programs and also work with flexibility for the trainees.

Train whenever and wherever you want, with 24/7 online access to courses and practice labs for every skill level. On-demand, self- paced format for "anytime, anywhere" learning. Hands-on, practical training in a live and dynamic network environment. Cloud-based, virtual environment with minimal technical requirements.

CSX Cybersecurity Practitioner Certification (CSX-P) Syllabus

Hardware Software Identification and Documentation
Lab: Preliminary Scanning
Network Discovery Tools
Lab: Additional Scanning Options
Sensitive Information Discovery
Lab: Sensitive Information Identification
Vulnerability Assessment Process
Lab: Vulnerability Scanner Set-up and Configuration
Patch Upgrade Configure Vulnerability Scanners
Lab: Vulnerability Scanner Set-up and Configuration, Part 2

Specific Cyber Controls
Lab: System Hardening
Collecting Event Data
Lab: Firewall Setup and Configuration
Verifying the Effectiveness of Controls
Lab: Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer

Monitoring Controls
Lab: IDS Setup
Updating Cyber Security Controls
Lab: Personal Security Products
Patch Management
Lab: Linux Users and Groups
Verifying Identities and Credentials
Cyber Security Procedures Standards

Analyze Network Traffic Using Monitors
Lab: Using Snort and Wireshark to Analyze Traffic
Detect Malicious Activity AntiVirus
Lab: Detect the Introduction and Execution of Malicious Activity
Assess Available Event Information
Lab: Analyze and Classify Malware
Baselines for Anomaly Detection
Lab: Windows Event Log Manipulation via Windows Event Viewer
Initial Attack Analysis
Lab: Host Data Integrity Baselining
Incident Escalation Reporting
Lab: Performing Network Packet Analysis
Change Implementation Escalation

Defined Response Plan Execution
Lab: Incident Detection and Identification
Network Isolation
Lab: Remove Trojan
Disable User Accounts
Lab: Block Incoming Traffic on Known Port
Blocking Traffic
Lab: Implement Single System Changes in Firewall
Lab: Conduct Supplemental Monitoring
Incident Report
Lab: Create Custom Snort Rules

Industry Best Practices
Lab: Comprehensive Lab Response
Disaster Recovery and BC Plans
Lab: Patches and Updates
Cyber System Restoration Lab: Data Backup and Recovery
Data Backup and Restoration Key Concepts
Lab: Recovering Data and Data Integrity Checks
Actualizing Data Backups and Recovery
Post Incident Service Restoration
Implementing Patches and Updates
Ensuring Data Integrity
Post-Incident Review