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Certified in the Governance of Enterprise IT (CGEIT) Training and Certification

Best Certified in the Governance of Enterprise IT (CGEIT) certified training courses classes delivered by Nux software solutions in coimbatore.

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The Certified in the Governance of Enterprise IT (CGEIT) program has being designed for professionals who are expanding their skills related to the application of enterprise IT governance principles as well as practices. To support the governance of information, enterprises out there need information system professionals with such knowledge and expertise who can uniquely work on the subject of IT governance holistically. Around the world thousands of professionals are qualifying themselves for the industry standardized CGEIT certification to affirm themselves with the wide ranging experience necessary to support and advance the IT governance of an enterprise with optimum effectiveness and efficiency.

Certified in the Governance of Enterprise IT (CGEIT) Syllabus

A. Governance Framework
Components of a Governance Framework
Organizational Structures, Roles, and Responsibilities
Strategy Development
Legal and Regulatory Compliance
Organizational Culture
Business Ethics

B. Technology Governance
Governance Strategy Alignment with Enterprise Objectives
Strategic Planning Process
Stakeholder Analysis and Engagement
Communication and Awareness Strategy
Enterprise Architecture
Policies and Standards

C. Information Governance
Information Architecture
Information Asset Lifecycle
Information Ownership and Stewardship
Information Classification and Handling

IT Resources

A. IT Resource Planning
Sourcing Strategies
Resource Capacity Planning
Acquisition of Resources

B. IT Resource Optimization
IT Resource Lifecycle and Asset Management
Human Resource Competency Assessment and Development
Management of Contracted Services and Relationships

Benefits Realization

A. IT Performance and Oversight
Performance Management
Change Management
Governance Monitoring
Governance Reporting
Quality Assurance
Process Development and Improvement

B. Management of IT-Enabled Investments
Business Case Development and Evaluation
IT Investment Management and Reporting
Performance Metrics
Benefit Evaluation Methods

Risk Optimization

A. Risk Strategy
Risk Frameworks and Standards
Enterprise Risk Management
Risk Appetite and Risk Tolerance

B. Risk Management
IT-Enabled Capabilities, Processes, and Services
Business Risk, Exposures, and Threats
Risk Management Lifecycle
Risk Assessment Methods