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VMware Certified Associate (VCA) (Foundation) Training and Certification

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VMware Certified Associate (VCA) (Foundation) Syllabus

Section 1
Objective 1.0 Define and describe the VMware Cross-Cloud Architecture
Objective 1.1 Explain the VMware Cross-Cloud Architecture vision
Objective 1.2 Identify and describe the Cross-Cloud Architecture components

Section 2
Objective 2.0 Define and describe vSphere solutions
Objective 2.1 Explain the Software Defined Data Center (SDDC) initiative and how vSphere fits within it
Objective 2.2 identify and describe vSphere components
Objective 2.3 Describe opportunities where vSphere could be a solution

Section 3 Objective 3.0 Define and describe vSAN solutions
Objective 3.1 Explain vSAN and Software Defined Storage (SDS)
Objective 3.2 Identify and describe vSAN components
Objective 3.3 Describe opportunities where vSAN could be a solution

Section 4
Objective 4.0 Define and describe the NSX solution
Objective 4.1 Explain NSX and Software Defined Networking (SDN)
Objective 4.2 Identify and describe NSX components
Objective 4.3 Describe opportunities where NSX could be a solution

Section 5
Objective 5.0 Define and describe vRealize Suite solutions
Objective 5.1 Explain vRealize Suite Cloud Management Platform
Objective 5.2 Identify and describe the vRealize Suite product components
Objective 5.3 Discuss opportunities where vRealize Suite could be a solution

Section 6
Objective 6.0 Define and describe Horizon Suite solutions
Objective 6.1 Explain Horizon 7
Objective 6.2 Identify and describe the Horizon Suite product components
Objective 6.3 Discuss opportunities where Horizon Suite could be a solution

Section 7
Objective 7.0 Recommend the right products for a solution that meets customer requirements
Objective 7.1 Gather and analyze customer requirements
Objective 7.2 Recommend products that meet customer requirements
Objective 7.3 Propose high-level solution