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Juniper Networks Certified Associate - Junos (JNCIA-Junos) Training and Certification

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Juniper Network Training is vital for the high performance of the network. Juniper Networks assists companies to build up the high-performance networks. This high-performance network is provided by providing the networking equipment, services, and its own network operating system. Juniper Networks offered by the Nux Software Solutions provide the networking services to the world's top 100 service providers as well as banks, stock exchanges, government agencies, healthcare organizations and many other industries. The Juniper Networks Certification Program offers several credentials at the Associate, Specialist, Professional and Expert levels to support the wide array of networking technologies and customers who use them.

After completing Juniper Network Training, students will be able to perform various tasks in the CLI configuration and operational modes. Students will be able to restore Junos devices to their default factory settings, installing and managing the network interfaces, and performing tasks for system logging. The configuration archival, SNMP and NTP are done by students very well after the training. The training includes the JNCIA-Junos training course, Networks Associate certification courses. Situated in Coimbatore, Nux Software Solutions is offering the courses based on the requirements of the clients and now counted amongst the best training providers. This is the only place where one can get the assurance of getting the jobs based on their ability in different multinational companies.

Juniper Networks Certified Associate - Junos (JNCIA-Junos) Syllabus


1. Junos OS Fundamentals
Control and forwarding planes
Routing Engine and Packet Forwarding Engine
Transit traffic processing
Exception traffic

2.User Interfaces
Identify the concepts, operation or functionality of the Junos user interface
CLI functionality
CLI modes
CLI navigation
CLI Help
Filtering output
Active versus candidate configuration
Reverting to previous configurations
Modifying, managing, and saving configuration files
Viewing, comparing, and loading configuration files
J-Web (core/common functionality only)

3.Configuration Basics
Identify the main elements for configuring Junos devices
Factory-default state
Initial configuration
User accounts
Login classes
User authentication methods
Interface types and properties
Configuration groups
Additional initial configuration elements, such as NTP, SNMP, and syslog
Configuration archival
Logging and tracing
Rescue configuration
Describe how to configure basic components of a Junos device

4. Operational Monitoring and Maintenance
Identify methods of monitoring or maintaining Junos devices
Show commands
Monitor commands
Interface statistics and errors
Network tools, such as ping, traceroute, telnet, SSH, and so on
Junos OS installation and upgrades
Powering on and shutting down Junos devices
Root password recovery
Describe monitoring or maintenance procedures for a Junos device

5. Routing Fundamentals
Identify basic routing concepts or functionality for Junos devices
Traffic forwarding concepts
Routing tables
Routing versus forwarding tables
Route preference
Routing instances
Static routing
Advantages of and use cases for dynamic routing protocols
Describe how to configure or monitor basic routing elements for a Junos device

6. Routing Policy and Firewall Filters
Identify the concepts or functionality of routing policy and firewall filters on Junos devices
Default routing policies
Import and export policies
Routing policy flow
Effect of policies on routes and routing tables
Policy structure and terms
Policy match criteria, match types, and actions
Firewall filter concepts
Filter structure and terms
Filter match criteria and actions
Effect of filters on packets
Unicast reverse-path-forwarding (RPF)