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F5 DNS (Formerly GTM) Training and Certification

Best F5 DNS (Formerly GTM) certified Training Institute in Coimbatore.

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The majority of the information is compiled from F5 sources that are located on the Internet. All of the information locations are referenced at the top of each topic instead of in an Appendix of this document. This was done to help the reader access the referenced information easier without having to search through a formal appendix. This guide also references the same books as the exam Resource Guide for each topic when applicable for consistency. Those books are a great source of information on DNS and Global Traffic Manger (GTM). F5 Networks provides the 302 - F5 Certified Technology Specialist, GTM Study Guide as a resource. The Study Guide is a list of reading material that will help any student build a broad base of general knowledge that can assist in not only their exam success but also in becoming a well-rounded systems engineer. The Study Guide will be available to the candidate once they are qualified for the GTM Specialist exam.

F5 DNS (Formerly GTM) Syllabus


Provision the BIG-IP system for operation

Back up the BIG-IP system configuration for safekeeping

Describe how the Domain Name System (DNS) resolves host names into IP addresses

Describe how the BIG-IP DNS system can participate in the DNS resolution process

Use DNS Express on the BIG-IP DNS system to accelerate DNS resolution

Cache DNS query responses on BIG-IP DNS to accelerate DNS resolution

Load balance DNS queries to a pool of DNS servers and monitor pool health

Configure the key features of the BIG-IP DNS system to perform intelligent DNS resolution

Describe the LDNS probes used by BIG-IP DNS to support path-based load balancing

Configure a wide IP pool to use a path load balancing method

View and confirm DNS resolution behavior using path load balancing methods

Use static and dynamic load balancing methods to intelligently resolve DNS queries

Use persistence to effectively return one or more clients to the same virtual server on each query

Use manual resume to control certain load balancing behavior in the event of an outage

Configure and use load balancing decision logs to fine-tune and troubleshoot DNS resolution

Configure monitors on the BIG-IP DNS system in support of DNS resolution

Configure BIG-IP DNS to participate in the DNSSEC chain of trust

Configure limit settings on virtual servers, servers, and wide IP pools to temporarily direct client traffic away from resources that may not be performing at certain thresholds of efficiency

Configure iRules on a wide IP to customize intelligent DNS resolution

Describe the other wide IP types provided with BIG-IP DNS

Configure a BIG-IP DNS sync group

Apply all the principles learned throughout the course to configure a BIG-IP DNS system based on hypothetical specifications