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Data Engineer Training and Certification in Coimbatore

Best Data Engineer Training Institute in Coimbatore.

Best Data Engineer training courses classes deliver by Nux software solutions in coimbatore. Nux software solutions in coimbatore has excellent and advanced training programs that will give you better performance & hands on experience. Our industry's expert trainers offer a wide range of skills and experience in their graded areas. The Training center environment is too good for professional, individual, corporate, live project training and industrial training. Labs infrastructure is advanced, well managed and you can access LAB 24X7 from anywhere. Training center has international expert trainers and they have excellent knowledge, real time industry experience. Our Training programs combine with several innovative learning methods and delivery models. We understand your requirement and it will give you 100 percent growth for your career and provide the cost effective training programs and also work with flexibility for the trainees.

The Google Cloud Data Engineer certification was ranked one of the top paying IT certifications of Global Knowledge. This program provides the skills you need to advance your career as a professional cloud architect and recommends training to support your preparation for the industry-recognized Google Cloud Professional Cloud Architect certification.

You'll have the opportunity to deploy solution elements, including infrastructure components such as networks, systems and applications services, and you'll gain real world experience through a number of hands-on Qwiklabs projects.

Upon successful completion of this program, you will earn a certificate of completion to share with your professional network and potential employers.

If you would like to become Google Cloud certified and demonstrate your proficiency in the understanding of cloud architecture and Google Cloud Platform, design, develop, and manage solutions to drive business objectives, you will need to register for, and pass the official Google Cloud certification exam. You can find more details on how to register and additional resources to support your preparation at Nux software solutions.

Data Engineer Syllabus

Chapter 1.

Chapter 2.
Data Processing Fundamentals, Data Processing Concepts, Data Processing Pipelines

Chapter 3.
Storage and Databases, Introduction to Data Storage in GCP, Working with Data, Cloud Storage, Service Accounts, Cloud SQL, Creating a Cloud SQL Instance and Loading Data, Cloud Firestore, Cloud Spanner, Working with Cloud Spanner, Cloud Memorystore, Comparing Storage Options

Chapter 4.
Big Data Ecosystem, MapReduce, Hadoop & HDFS, Apache Pig, Apache Spark, Apache Kafka

Chapter 5.
Pipelines with Cloud Dataflow, Dataflow Introduction, Pipeline Lifecycle, Dataflow Pipeline Concepts, Advanced Dataflow Concepts, Dataflow Security and Access, Using Dataflow

Chapter 6
Managed Spark with Cloud Dataproc, Dataproc Overview, Dataproc Basics, Working with Cloud Dataproc, Advanced Dataproc, Cloud Dataproc with the GCS Connector

Chapter 7
NoSQL Data with Cloud Bigtable, Bigtable Concepts, Bigtable Architecture, Bigtable Data Model, LAB: Working with Cloud Bigtable, Bigtable Schema Design, Bigtable Advanced Concepts, Loading and Querying Data with Cloud Bigtable

Chapter 8
Data Analytics with BigQuery, BigQuery Basics, Using BigQuery, Partitioning and Clustering, Best Practices, Securing BigQuery, BigQuery Monitoring and Logging, Machine Learning with BigQuery ML

Chapter 9
Orchestration with Cloud Composer, Cloud Composer Overview, Cloud Composer Architecture, Advanced Cloud Composer

Chapter 10
Introduction to Machine Learning, Machine Learning Introduction, Machine Learning Basics, Machine Learning Types and Models, Overfitting, Hyperparameters, Feature Engineering

Chapter 11
Machine Learning with TensorFlow, Deep Learning with TensorFlow, Introduction to Artificial Neural Networks, Neural Network Architectures, Building a Neural Network