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CompTIA Server+ Training and Certification

Best CompTIA Server+ cloud architect Training Institute in Coimbatore.

Best CompTIA Server+ training courses classes deliver by Nux software solutions in coimbatore. Nux software solutions in coimbatore has excellent and advanced training programs that will give you better performance & hands on experience. Our industry's expert trainers offer a wide range of skills and experience in their graded areas. The Training center environment is too good for professional, individual, corporate, live project training and industrial training. Labs infrastructure is advanced, well managed and you can access LAB 24X7 from anywhere. Training center has international expert trainers and they have excellent knowledge, real time industry experience. Our Training programs combine with several innovative learning methods and delivery models. We understand your requirement and it will give you 100 percent growth for your career and provide the cost effective training programs and also work with flexibility for the trainees.

The only credential with performance-based items to prove pros can think on their feet to perform critical IT support tasks in the moment.

Trusted by employers around the world to identify the go-to person in end point management & technical support roles, Regularly re-invented by IT experts to ensure that it validates core skills and abilities demanded in the workplace.

CompTIA Server+ Syllabus

Given a scenario, install, configure and maintain server components.

Compare and contrast power and cooling components.

Server Administration Install and configure server operating systems.

Compare and contrast server roles and requirements for each.

Given a scenario, use access and control methods to administer a server.

Given a scenario, perform proper server maintenance techniques.

Comparison against performance baseline Explain the importance of asset management and documentation.

Secure storage of sensitive documentation Explain the purpose and operation of virtualization components.

Storage Given a scenario, install and deploy primary storage devices based on given specifications and interfaces.

Given a scenario, configure RAID using best practices.

Redundant controller Summarize hardware and features of various storage technologies.

Given a scenario, calculate appropriate storage capacity and plan for future growth.

Security Compare and contrast physical security methods and concepts.

Given a scenario, apply server hardening techniques.

Explain basic network security systems and protocols.

Implement logical access control methods based on company policy.

Implement data security methods and secure storage disposal techniques.

Given a scenario, implement proper environmental controls and techniques.

Networking Given a scenario, configure servers to use IP addressing and network infrastructure services Compare and contrast various ports and protocols.

Given a scenario, install cables and implement proper cable management procedures.

Disaster Recovery Explain the importance of disaster recovery principles.

Given a scenario, implement appropriate backup techniques.

Troubleshooting Explain troubleshooting theory and methodologies.

Given a scenario, effectively troubleshoot hardware problems, selecting the appropriate tools and methods.

Given a scenario, effectively troubleshoot software problems, selecting the appropriate tools and methods.

Given a scenario, effectively diagnose network problems, selecting the appropriate tools and methods.