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Certified Security Analyst Training and Certification in Coimbatore

Best Institute for Certified Security Analyst | CSA Training in Coimbatore

Nux software Solution training institute provides the best cloud computing training class in all over Coimbatore. The Certified Security Analyst | CSA is an assured services platform offered to compute power, content delivery, database storage, and other functionality to assist businesses to grow. The Certified Security Analyst | CSA training is designed to assist the businesses to adopt an in-depth understanding of hacking principles and services. It will make you able to learn how specifying the rules of IT architecture.

Nux software Solutions is one of the best Certified Security Analyst | CSAtraining in Coimbatore and Tamilnadu, our institute is the leading training having instituted in Coimbatore and Tamilnadu. It has veteran employers equip with technical skills know how to design application and systems on hacking. They assist the aspirants in building their technical skills as per the way to earn training certification only through the way of recommended courses, labs, and exams.

Moreover, we have designed a lab having the well-equipped infrastructure and 24/7 accessible facility that is ideal even for professionals, corporate, individuals, live project training, industrial training as well.

We have placed above than 500 registered companies and 10000+ students and professional, all are working in the reputed positions.

Certified Security Analyst | CSA Syllabus

Chapter 1

1. Introduction to Penetration Testing and Methodologies
2. Penetration Testing Scoping and Engagement Methodology
3. Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) Methodology
4. Social Engineering Penetration Testing Methodology
5. Network Penetration Testing Methodology - External
6. Network Penetration Testing Methodology - Internal
7. Network Penetration Testing Methodology - Perimeter Devices
8. Web Application Penetration Testing Methodology
9. Database Penetration Testing Methodology
10. Wireless Penetration Testing Methodology
11. Cloud Penetration Testing Methodology
12. Report Writing and Post Testing Actions

Chapter 2

Self-Study Modules
1. Penetration Testing Essential Concepts
2. Password Cracking Penetration Testing
3. Denial-of-Service Penetration Testing
4. Stolen Laptop, PDAs and Cell Phones Penetration Testing
5. Source Code Penetration Testing
6. Physical Security Penetration Testing
7. Surveillance Camera Penetration Testing
8. VoIP Penetration Testing
9. VPN Penetration Testing
10.Virtual Machine Penetration Testing
11. War Dialing
12. Virus and Trojan Detection
13. Log Management Penetration Testing
14. File Integrity Checking
15. Telecommunication and Broadband Communication Penetration Testing
16. Email Security Penetration Testing
17. Security Patches Penetration Testing
18. Data Leakage Penetration Testing
19. SAP Penetration Testing
20. Standards and Compliance
21. Information System Security Principles
22. Information System Incident Handling and Response
23. Information System Auditing and Certification